De-Stress Renovation With Design-Build

Home renovation can prove to be a stressful endeavor. The expense and the learning curve for most homeowners are relatively intense. Owners welcome anything that reduces potential problems and simplifies the process. One thing owners can do to make things easier is to employ the design-build method for the renovation project. This approach eliminates the need for the homeowner to work with an architect to design the improvements and then host a bidding process to select the contractor to perform the work. By choosing a design-build firm, the homeowner can work with a single entity throughout the entire process. 

The design-build method of home renovation reduces stress because it does away with the contractor bidding process. Decisions that will ultimately decide the success or failure of the entire project rests with one company and no longer solely on the homeowner. Having one entity responsible for everything allows the owner to be intimately still involved in the details of the project without having to step into areas of specialized expertise like material costs and construction methods. With one expert design build firm handling everything, the homeowner can be more confident that the gritty details will be worked out by professionals. A design-build firm takes ownership of the entire project as opposed to just one aspect of it.

Working with a single designer/builder streamlines the entire process. Design-build reduces the loss of information because the architect and builders are accustomed to working together and have likely perfected their communication. Design-build minimizes the likelihood of errors in judgment caused by simple misunderstandings. In any event, the homeowner will not be responsible for being the go-between for the architect and the builder which is a position not desirable for anyone but an expert in both design and construction. 

A design-build firm will handle the details of design and construction and let the homeowner focus on bringing their dream of a newly renovated home into reality.