Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

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Building Dimensions is a proud supporter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. On December 17, 2004 our oldest daughter, Taylor, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D). She was 12 years old. In that moment, our lives were changed and we committed to do our best as a family to help cure this life-threatening autoimmune disease.

We were so proud when Taylor was chosen as an International Delegate for the JDRF Children’s Congress. Every year, our loyal team of ‘Taylor’s Turbos’ participate in the JDRF OneWalk.


We also enjoy volunteering and attending the Annual JDRF Hope Gala. We believe in a cure for T1D and want to help

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 Click the links for further information on the walk, and the Taylor's Turbos team and how to donate.


JDRF One Walk is a fun, family friendly event where dedicated walkers, volunteers and sponsors raise money to make living with T1D safer and healthier,until it is no longer a threat. We welcome everyone to take part—whether you choose to walk on your own or with a family, corporate or school team. As the largest T1D event in the world, it's also an amazing experience filled with activities, entertainment and the celebration of coming together to change the future for everyone living with this disease.

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Each year 40,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with T1D. And, less than one third of those with T1D are achieving target blood glucose levels—putting them at risk for complications. Let's bring that number to zero.. If you want to help put an end to T1D, this is your opportunity. By joining JDRF One Walk you'll support breakthroughs that get us closer to a cure—and provide hope to the millions affected by this disease.