Types of Luxury Home Styles

You probably have a picture in your head of your dream home. You may not think you can afford some of the luxury amenities you crave, such as a library, home theater or various other additions, but the right luxury home builder can find a way to customize your plan with at least a few of your most desired features. The style of home you choose is also an important factor to discuss.


A home built in the traditional style can easily be customized to be almost anything you want. You can have extravagant outdoor entertaining areas that include a fire pit or a swimming pool, or you can have a multiple-car garage. 


Colonial homes tend to be a melting pot of old-world styles. The result is typically an array of stately columns and simple, elegant lines. This is the perfect style for hosting upscale, ballroom-style parties.


If a warm, cozy theme is your idea of luxury, the European style may be a good fit. French doors, private bedroom suites, fireplaces and gourmet kitchens are common features. It’s the perfect home for enjoying a relaxing meal with family and friends.


Your luxury home builder may recommend the Mediterranean style if you want a home with spacious rooms with columns and arches that open to beautiful courtyards. Perfect for the avid gardener, these homes combine the best features of both indoor and outdoor living. 


Victorian homes are the epitome of luxury. Their exteriors almost exude a fairy tale quality with their intricate designs. The interiors typically feature exquisite details as well. This is a great style for including specialty nooks and secluded private spaces.

There are so many options to consider when building a custom home. A luxury home builder can help you choose the style that best matches the features you want.