Be Prepared When Considering Whole House Renovation

TV shows about whole house renovation make it seem exciting. The finished product should be exciting, but the process can be nerve-wracking. Before you embark on remodeling your home, you must prepare. There are many issues to consider in preparation before you can even begin to think about the way your home will look. 


Has your home been professionally assessed by a licensed home inspector and a contractor? It is vital to know whether you have problems that must be addressed. Mold, lead-based paint, structural issues, foundation problems, water issues, and roofing condition are just a few of the potential problems that your contractor must consider. 

Professional evaluation of your existing systems is also needed. Insulation, electrical work, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, appliances, windows, and doors may need to be upgraded, replaced, or relocated. Energy efficiency should be considered when renovating. 


There are legal and permit issues with whole house renovation. You must also be sure subcontractors have the necessary licenses and expertise. Your contractor should handle these issues.


You will not be able to occupy your home during the renovation. You must plan where you will live during the construction. 


Carefully consider what you would like to accomplish in renovating your home. A budget is essential. Do you have the money needed, or will you be obtaining a loan? Do you care whether the costs of the renovation increase the value of your home? These are all important considerations in your preparation.

Please realize that the people doing whole house renovation on TV are professionals in a process that requires extreme preparation. You should hire a trained and licensed contractor to be your professional and ensure that you are properly prepared. With your contractor handling the nuts and bolts, you can concentrate on the look, your vision.