3 Reasons Couples Fight When Remodeling or Building a Home

Building a home or remodeling rooms in an existing house can be an exciting adventure filled with deep satisfaction once the project is completed. However, there can be disagreements if couples are not on the same page when they start the project. Researchers found that most building or remodeling a house disagreements or fights are centered around or triggered by money.

1.Sharing a Goal

When beginning projects, most couples don’t sit and discuss the motivation behind their desire to begin the project. Whether updating a room when a child moves out or downsizing the entire house, couples need to discuss why the project is important to them. Beginning the building or remodeling project without a shared goal can lead to contention or constant disagreements over values and personal needs. Having a simple discussion about why the change in life is necessary can alleviate this type of fight.

2. Getting Overwhelmed

Walking into a project without being prepared for the massive changes that will occur in life is a big problem for many couples when remodeling a house. Some people may let the project consume their thoughts, or they may want to constantly talk about changes they want to make. The other partner may begin to resent the loss of personal discussions and private time as they feel neglected. Scheduling time for one another can prevent either party from feeling ignored or alone.

3. Planning Ahead

Perhaps the biggest of all problems couples have when building or remodeling is forging ahead in a project without having a financial plan in place. The way money is spent or the lack of funding during a project can contribute to anger, blaming, and strife in a relationship. Talking about setting a budget and agreeing on how to spend the money may be a difficult discussion to have, but it is a necessary one.

Learning from the experience of others that have moved through a building or remodeling a house project can save time, money and contention. Call in a professional team to help you set your budget, be proactive, and make sure you have the same goals before construction.