Choosing the Perfect Size Garage for Your Home

Many homes around the United States were built during a time when garages were thought of as a luxury or a waste of yard space. Over time, the necessity of extra storage space outside the house for yard items, seasonal decorations and hobby tools has become a necessary part of American cultural norms. If your home doesn’t have a garage, and you are planning on building one in the near future to increase your home’s value or as extra space, here are some ways you can make sure you find the perfect size garage addition for your home.

  • Size

Although your property may determine the size of the garage you can build, if you have a choice of square footage, choose the largest size you can afford on your budget. This will allow you to have multiple cars parked in the area, and you may still have room for a workshop or storage area if you build up.

  • Doors

You need to determine how many doors the garage addition will have. Of course, you will have doors opening to each of the parking areas, but will you have a side door for entry from the back yard or home? If you have a second story or full attic area for a rumpus room, man cave or work zone, will you have an outdoor entry point or limit entry from inside the garage?

  • Windows

Windows allow natural light into the almost always dark garage, but they can also allow an unbidden entry point. For those worried about security because of the many expensive tools inside the garage, limiting windows to the second floor or barring lower floor windows may be a wise option.

Knowing what type of plan, the number of floors and what entry points you want in your garage addition can help you find the right contractor for the project. If you have questions about garage size, your contractor can help you find out what the city or county allows.