Get a Stress-Free New Home Addition

Building new home additions on properties are enormous construction projects. Homeowners who are ready to build a new addition to their property can avoid being overwhelmed with stress if they understand the process and work with their contractor. Here are some easy ways to have a stress-free build.  

Check Your Builder’s References

Before picking out a contractor, do plenty of research about their work quality. Ask for references from previous clients and find out the contractor’s experience in home additions like yours. Inquire about a portfolio of the contractor’s work so you can see examples of completed projects.

Learn About the Contractor’s Reputation in the Industry  

Don’t forget to also look into the contractor’s industry reputation. Look for prominent awards and a consistent history of doing quality work. Contractors should be licensed, insured and recognized in their field as completing high-quality projects.

Be Realistic About Budget

A big source of stress for homeowners taking on home additions projects is the budget. Before committing to a contractor, be realistic about what you can afford. Set a hard-line limit to your renovation budget and don’t go beyond your means.

Get an Accurate Quote From Your Contractor

Next, be sure your contractor gives you an accurate and detailed quote. Ask for a fixed-price quote, which breaks down everything included in the project and sets a specific limit to expenses. If there are extras without a price, such as provisional sums, be sure to ask for details.

Communicate With the Construction Supervisor 

The last way you can avoid the stress that sometimes comes with a big renovation is to stay in communication with the construction supervisor. Make sure this project leader is on-site every day and aware of the status of the project. Hold the supervisor accountable by keeping in regular contact.

Home additions don’t have to be stressful if you find a good contractor and stay in communication with your project manager. If you can see the daily progress and understand the costs of your new addition while it’s being constructed, your stress levels will thank you.