For many people, building a custom home is at the top of their wishlist. To make this dream a reality, here are 9 Pro Tips for Selecting a Custom Home Building Contractor.

  1. Do your homework. Your local home builders’ association has a list of builders in your area who are bonded, licensed and insured, and will be happy to share this information with you. 

2.  Phone a friend.  Almost everyone knows someone who’s had done some type of custom                
     home building, and they’re always happy to share their experiences. 

3.  Ask for an estimate.  Before signing any contracts, ask for a rough guess as to how much
     your project will cost. This estimate should include a timeline that you should be comfortable

4.  Know what you want. It’s important to have some idea of the number of bedrooms and
     bathrooms, and the type of architectural design, but it’s important to choose a contractor that
     is willing to accommodate any reasonable plan changes.

5.  Communication is key! Do they seem hesitant to embrace your design? Any contractor that
     does custom home building should be open to unique design choices, and should be able to
     offer professional advice and guidance.       

6.  Money talks. Local lenders can often provide valuable insight into builders in the area. They
     cannot divulge confidential information, but they can offer professional opinions for reputable

7.  Ask your local realtor. This is an often overlooked resource, but local realtors make it their
     business to know which contractors are the most reputable in their area.  

8.  More due diligence.  When you’ve narrowed the list of potential contractors, contact the
     Better Business Bureau to research the contractors’ history and any claims filed.  

9.  Trust your instincts! If you find yourself second-guessing your decision, or having to talk
     yourself into signing with a particular contractor, ask yourself why. 

It’s always worth taking the time and energy to find a contractor who’s experienced with custom home building. Keep looking until you find a company with whom you’re comfortable.

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