While you still love your current home, your needs have shifted over the years, leaving you feeling that your property is lacking in space and utility. Could a second story addition be just what you need? Here are a few benefits for you to think about while deciding if building upward on your property is the right thing to do.

Make it Modern 

Rather than look for a house that’s a bit more updated, you can incorporate that modernity into your second story. Sure, you could add some new fixtures to your current level and revamp the style, but that may not meet all your needs if you prefer more room as well as a modern touch to your residence. A second story could better meet all your desires.

Stay Where You Are 

The housing market in your geographic location may not be the best, or it could be your financial health that isn’t in ideal shape. Either way, a second story addition lets you remain right where you are while feeling as if you moved into a new home. After adding a second story to your residence rather than moving, you may discover that more space in the same neighborhood is exactly what you needed all along.

Get What You Want

Say that you did start looking for a new home. You may feel that every property you tour is missing something or just isn’t the right fit, which could lead to you feeling like you have to compromise or settle for “good enough.” By building a second story onto your home, you get to design the layout so that it fits your exact needs. If you have special hobbies or interests, such as music or art, you can incorporate special features in rooms on the second story, such as soundproofing or an open art studio.

You don’t necessarily have to move to a brand-new home that matches your current lifestyle. Talk with a professional residential renovator about your options for a second story addition to explore your options.

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