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What You Need To Know About Custom Home Building


Once you pick out that lot in North Carolina, it’s difficult not to spend all day daydreaming about the home you want to build there. Even so, once homeowners get started, they often feel overwhelmed by the custom home building process. The best way to prevent this is to at least get some basic information to prepare yourself for a challenging but worthy investment.

Prepare for Funding

You may be surprised to find that a bank may qualify you for less mortgage than you can afford. Unlike landlords, your bank not only considers annual salary. It also considers your adjusted income as decided by tax returns, other monthly debt obligations and the average cost of homes in the area. This can make the funding process a headache, but knowing this upfront means you can prepare financially by taking fewer tax write-offs and paying off debt.

Pick an Appropriate Lot

Sometimes the most beautiful lot is the one you should walk away from. There are a number of reasons for this. It may rest in a floodplain or it may be unbuildable. Additionally, the city or county responsible for planning and zoning in this area may have strict rules on what houses should look like. Local homeowner associations may also restrict you from building a certain type of home on that lot, especially in areas with tract homes.

Finding the Right Builder

If you’re depending on a loan for your custom home building, the bank will have its own two cents to put in about who you can work with. In most instances, they require a builder to have a few years of experience and no outstanding legal discrepancies. Always check to find out if a builder is lender-approved or has experience working on bank-funded builds.

Building a home from the ground up provides you with the amazing opportunity to live in a home that meets your exact needs and specifications. By keeping these basics in mind, you can leap over the obstacles that pop up in your way with greater confidence.

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