When looking for a home, many people take the traditional route of looking for homes that have been previously occupied. Some people look at new homes that have already been constructed. However, the best way to make sure that you are getting the home you want is to complete new construction on your home.


Believe it or not, a home built from the ground up is often less expensive than purchasing an already constructed home. Once all the home improvements including new fixtures, repainting, and landscaping are factored in, homeowners spend considerably more than what they pay each month on mortgage to make an already existing structure theirs. With new construction, all the fixtures are chosen and built into the home as it is being constructed, so at least the labor cost is already factored in.


Another advantage of new construction of a home over purchasing one already built is that the new home will be built up to the current code standards. For instance, most newly constructed home require a built-in fire sprinkler system, whereas older model homes do not. Having a newly-built home means that all the current electrical standards are up to code as well. In older homes, replacing an appliance such as a washer, refrigerator, or water heater may require replacing the power circuits as well to fit with more energy efficient outlets.


The final advantage of having custom built construction is knowing that it is something of your own that uniquely reflects your tastes. Yes, there are factors to consider, such as purchasing the right plot of land and hiring the right contractor, but the overall satisfaction of knowing your home was built for you and that you had specialized input far outweighs those factors.


While there are specific challenges to building a home with new construction, there is a distinct advantage to being hands on with your own home from the ground up. Those looking to buy a new home should weigh all their options.

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