Tracy Barrow

Tracy Barrow

Office Manager

How long have you worked at BDI:
Since 2014

Job Responsibilities:
Works with Susan, Paul and Bryant on all aspects of a new home build or remodel. Responsibilities include overseeing office operations and procedures; controlling correspondence; reporting detailed job reports to management. Manages the daily intricacies of running a busy office working closely with our vendors, subcontractors, designers and clients on each project.

Favorite Thing About Your Job:
I love how every day presents a different challenge or scenario to navigate through. The learning never stops and it’s anything but boring.

Favorite Quote/Professional Motto/What Motives You:
Seek to be worth knowing rather than well known.

When Not Working at BDI, You Would Most Likely Be Found:
Spending time with family and summertime skiing at the lake. Enjoys CrossFit and running a part-time home bakery specializing in wedding and theme cakes.

P.O. Box 637 Oak Ridge NC 27310 | 336-644-0028