Bryant Ransom

Bryant Ransom


Project Manager

How long have you worked at BDI:
As project manager since 2014. With BDI for 13 years.

Job Responsibilities:
Manages the construction timetables, works closely with the engineers, suppliers and trade contractors associated with each project. Ensures compliance with all building codes and other regulatory requirements.  Estimates project costs and ensures projects are completed within budget.

Favorite Thing About Your Job:
I truly enjoy the people I work with on each project.

Favorite Quote/Professional Motto/What Motives You:
Stay positive, work hard and make it happen.

When Not Working at BDI, You Would Most Likely Be Found…
Playing baseball with my son. Playing and singing in a band. Breeding exotic birds.

P.O. Box 637 Oak Ridge NC 27310 | 336-644-0028