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Features to Include in a Home Addition for Seniors

Your parents took care of you during your growing up years. Now, it may be time to return the favor. If your aging parents can no longer function well on their own, consider putting in-law additions in your home. This still gives your senior parent a comfortable place to stay but keep your loved one…

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Advantages of Adding a Second Story to Your Home

While you still love your current home, your needs have shifted over the years, leaving you feeling that your property is lacking in space and utility. Could a second story addition be just what you need? Here are a few benefits for you to think about while deciding if building upward on your property is the…

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Turn Your Home’s Spare Room Into a Media Room

You have a spare room in your home that you aren’t sure of what to do with. Have you thought about looking into a media room addition? Media rooms offer a variety of uses for you and your family. Here are a few tips to make the most of the transformation. Set the Foundation  One…

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Factors To Consider When Building a Home

Purchasing a ready-made home is an involved process, but new home construction takes these plans to a whole other level. Whether you are building a commercial property where you will live or your own independent dream home, there are several factors you must consider to do it well.

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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Residential Home Construction

Most homeowners choose to buy a home instead of building their own. In many cases, new home construction can be more costly than purchasing an older home. However, there are many benefits to choosing new construction. Learn more about the benefits of living in a newly constructed home and determine whether you should invest in…

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Tips For Improving Your Garage Space

Tips For Improving Your Garage Space Having a garage can relieve a lot of crazy little stressors from your life. No one really enjoys trudging through the rain to get into their car or having to run in the snow to warm it up before heading out. For some, the extra storage space for all…

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The Advantages of Building a Custom House

Many people reach a certain point in their lives where they choose to purchase a home. Whether it’s for family or simply to invest in their future, it’s a big decision. However, buying a pre-built home may not always be the best option. Building your dream house may actually be less expensive in the long…

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Home Addition Planning


Adding onto your home is an exciting prospect. From a single room to a major expansion, home additions are excellent ways to upgrade your home without moving to a new neighborhood. As you dream about creating new living space for bedrooms, bathrooms or another living room, here are some tips for your home addition planning.

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What You Need To Know About Custom Home Building


Once you pick out that lot in North Carolina, it’s difficult not to spend all day daydreaming about the home you want to build there. Even so, once homeowners get started, they often feel overwhelmed by the custom home building process. The best way to prevent this is to at least get some basic information…

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According to Zippia

“OAK RIDGE / SUMMERFIELD – According to career expert Zippia, Oak Ridge and Summerfield are among the top ten best small towns in North Carolina for finding jobs. Holly Springs takes the cake among the biggest cities in North Carolina, while Oak Ridge is bursting with jobs if you’re looking for a slightly smaller place…

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