Building Dimensions Inc. of North Carolina: 100% commitment to building Energy Star Homes


Benefits of an Energy Star certified home from Building Dimensions, Inc:

BDI - Energy Star Home Graphic

  • A properly installed insulation system and tightly constructed home will lead to increased homeowner comfort and energy savings throughout the year.
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems with level of duct leakage nearly half that of Code-mandated maximums also mean a more comfortable home with lower heating and air conditioning costs.
  • An efficient, natural gas tankless water heater greatly reduces water heating costs while solving many of the problems associated with storage tank water heaters (shorter life expectancy, limited supply, lack of water temperature control, and the need to maintain 50 to 75 gallons of water at temperatures of > 120 degrees.
  • A properly-sized, whole-house ventilation system integrated into the home’s heating and cooling system will bring fresh outdoor air into the indoor environment at predetermined, controlled intervals to benefit indoor air quality and create a healthier home.
  • Bathroom exhaust fans are tested and meet Code and Energy Star requirements, which mean that warm, humid air is properly vented to the outdoors, thereby benefiting building durability through moisture management, as well as indoor air quality.
  • Energy Star certified dishwashers reduce electrical consumption as well as water usage.
  • Ultra-efficient LED lamps are used in most recessed lighting fixtures, which reduce energy consumption while simultaneously mitigating interior heat gain from the traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.


2016 Energy Star 100% Commitment


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