If you are considering updating your bathroom and want to add a touch of luxury, there are so many places to start. Just a quick internet search will bring up hundreds of thousands of results that can be hard to sift through. Some trends, though, stand out from the rest and can make your bathroom remodeling a success.

Showers and Tubs

One of the key elements of a luxury bathroom is your shower or tub so, whether you are looking to achieve a classic or a modern luxury look, this is often a great place to start. For a great place to soak, consider a vintage-style clawfoot tub or, on the other end of the spectrum, a high-tech bathtub with customizable sound and light components. If you are more of a shower person, look into showers with extra shower heads and jets. Nothing says luxury like being able to position your water streams exactly the way you want them. You could even add steam features to achieve an at-home spa experience.


You don’t always have to think big when adding luxury to your bathroom. The smallest things, like your choice of faucets, knobs, or sink basin can really elevate your bathroom to a luxe feel. Look beyond the usual porcelain and nickel sink combination and try unique or modern fixtures like copper details, glass basins, and adjustable faucets.


When it comes to bathroom floors, you might be surprised at how easily a few simple updates can spruce up your bathroom and make it feel more like a high-end spa. Things like radiant heating under your floor or unique, even colorful, new tiling can be the perfect details to finish your new bathroom.

With any luck, these trends will inspire you and give you fresh ideas for your bathroom remodeling – allowing you to turn an ordinary space into one that is luxurious.

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