Your parents took care of you during your growing up years. Now, it may be time to return the favor. If your aging parents can no longer function well on their own, consider putting in-law additions in your home. This still gives your senior parent a comfortable place to stay but keep your loved one close to you. There are some essential features you need to consider.

Easily Accessible

Mobility becomes more challenging as people age, so you need to make it easier for your family member to get in and out of your home when you add living space. Instead of having steps leading into the home, think about replacing them with a ramp. Inside, you’ll need to make some changes too. Walk-in showers will be safer for your aging loved one. It may also be helpful to include wider hallways. Make sure this in-law add-on is on one floor, especially if your parent is in a wheelchair or uses a walker.

What Will the Space Look Like?

To help your parent feel at home, it’s good to include a kitchen for the in-law additions. Customize it according to your family member’s liking, whether this means having a range, dishwasher and full-size refrigerator or other features. You’ll probably want to include a separate entrance a private bathroom for your parent. A spot outside the bedroom to enjoy some relaxation time will be important too.

The decor

To feel more like a home than a hospital room, your parent deserves a personal touch. Become familiar with what your loved one likes when it comes to colors, styles, patterns and decorations. Make this a place where your family member feels safe and secure.

In-law additions should benefit both you and your aging parent. If you follow these guidelines, you can each be happy and have the peace of mind that you need.

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